Advantage Pain Management Institute Can Help. We’ll Listen To You, And Address Your Needs.


Advantage Pain Management Institute Can Help.
We’ll Listen To You, And Address Your Needs.

We Practice General Medicine and Emphasize Pain Management Using The Latest Technology And
We treat Back Pain, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Arthritic Pain, and Neuropathic Pain.
We also Treat Obesity and Diabetes.


Life Is Good Again Thanks To Advantage Pain Management Institute.

Life Is Good Again Thanks To Advantage Pain Management Institute.

We are primary care doctors, sometimes called “family doctors” or “general practice” doctors — but we also have developed a few specialties. As our name indicates, we specialize in relieving pain. That includes pain from Neuropathy, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Auto Accidents, and Arthritis. Since Obesity and Diabetes are frequently present when a person is suffering from chronic or intractable pain, we have developed sub-specialties in treating them, too.

We are actually a family of three practices which have grown up and grown together over almost 20 years.

A Family Of Three Practices


BACK PAIN INSTITUTE: Back Pain Institute was our first pain related practice and relates to using non-surgical and non-invasive decompression therapy to treat most kinds of disc related back pain. In addition to the information in this site which deals with some of the treatments we have recently added for back pain, please also visit our Back Pain Institute website for more about back pain and decompression therapy.

Older couple walking

We enjoy taking walks together again …. thanks to Advantage Pain Management

NEUROPATHY PAIN DOCTORS: Around 5 years ago we learned about a breakthrough treatment for many types of pain and disability caused by or related to Neuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathy, and Diabetic Neuropathy. Using a combination of almost painless injections and EST (Electronic Signal Treatment), we found that we were able to arrest many cases of Neuropathy and even stimulate some damaged nerves to regenerate.

We deal with our newer treatments for Neuropathy in this site, but for a more in depth discussion of Neuropathy and our cutting edge (and proprietary) treatments for Neuropathy, please also visit our Neuropathy Pain Doctors website.

ADVANTAGE PAIN MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE: (“APMI”) Recently, we broadened our practice so that we now treat pain generally. Our areas of specialty include feet, knees, legs, back, neck, arms, legs and hands. We have assembled a multidisciplinary practice, which means doctors from different specialties practicing under the same roof. In our case, that means Medical Doctors and Chiropractors.

Each practitioner brings to each patient a broader and deeper understanding of the root causes of the pain, and also a wider variety of treatments than any single school of medicine. This website reflects the most recent additions to our practice. We’d suggest that you use the menus and links to find the parts of our practice that relate to your condition or problem. Then, if you think one of our other websites might be relevant, spend some time there, too.

Before you go any further, though, I’d like to tell you a little more about how we approach medicine now. This approach is important to us, and it forms the foundation of our practice.

HOLISTIC MEDICINE: Our approach is holistic. That means we treat you and your whole body. We don’t treat a nose, back, eye or foot. We treat your whole body. Our goal is to help your body heal the root causes of your pain or discomfort, then to promote healing, overall health, and reduce the amounts and kinds of medicines you might need. Our goal is also to help restore each of our patients to active, productive and satisfying lives.

At APMI part of our Holistic practice means addressing each patient’s overall health, and using the best treatments and technology from both chiropractic (“DC’s”) and allopathic (“MD’s”) medicine. Our staff includes both medical doctors (“MD’s”) and chiropractic doctors (“DC’s”). If medicine or a medical procedure is what a patient needs, we can prescribe it. If manipulation or other forms of chiropractic treatment are what a patient needs, we can provide them, too.

Some of our patients need some of both, and that’s fine. It’s all here, under one roof. We think that helps make us one of the best pain management/primary care, and/or family medicine centers in the Saint Louis area. You might have seen our advertisements featured in the newspaper or on TV. If you would like to see some of those TV spots again, click any of the videos below:

Want To Come In And Talk With One Of Our Doctors?

If would like to make an appointment, call Anni at the phone number at the top right of each page. You can also go to our “Make An Appointment” page. Along with our contact information, there is also a map showing where we are located.